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It has been announced ahead of tomorrow's Budget announcement, that the childcare subsidy for working parents is to be increased. As many as 1.9 million working families will benefit from the subsidy, worth up to £2,000 per child up to 12 years of age, from September… read »
UKIP leader Nigel Farage hit headlines earlier this week by claiming that 'women must sacrifice family life to succeed in finance'. Farage, who worked in finance before politics argued that discrimination against women was a thing of the past in financial… read »
It has been said that the merging of staff at Buckingham Palace is the first step towards bringing Prince Charles to the throne, and now the Prince has begun to 'job-share' with the Queen. Prince Charles will accompany the Queen on the beaches of Normandy this… read »
The Timewise Foundation's Power Part Time list celebrates fifty men and women each year who are at the top of their field yet work under five days a week, 'busting the myth that senior roles cannot work on a part time basis'. The Telegraph have showcased five of the… read »
Flexible working has been largely billed as an option to help families and careers manage their home and work commitments, and particularly as a way for parents to continue working. Especially after Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, who recently became a mother herself,… read »
The Daily Mail today reported that 60% of women are happy with their work-life balance whilst men are more likely to feel the strain of juggling job and family. The stats also show that 48% of women believe their work/life balance is only ‘fine’ and not… read »
A couple of well-informed individuals suggested to us on our Dutyfy survey that their lives, and the future of working parents in the UK would be drastically improved if we looked to Scandinavian countries for inspiration.  So we thought it would be interesting to… read »
Are terms like 'juggling' and 'balance' distracting us from a more fulfilling aim? In the last few weeks I have read an awful lot about what we call “work/life balance”. Apparently, it is what we are all searching for, often fruitlessly.  We constantly… read »