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Girls E-Mentorship Innovation (GEM) is a newly launched non-for-profit organisation that creates innovative mentorship programmes for at-risk girls, to inspire those girls to stay in school in order to reach their full potential and achieve economic security. The… read »
Citymothers' founder Louisa Symington-Mills has written an enlightening piece for the Guardian's Women in Leadership explaining how she manages the guilt of returning to work following her maternity leave. Louisa describes how her excitement of returning to work in a… read »
Last week the Guardian's women in leadership community held the first live Q&A of 2014, looking at how we can reject the stereotype. Questioning whether 2014 is 'the year we stop trying to have it all', the live chat explores whether working women can live up to… read »
Liz O'Donnell, Founder of Hello Ladies and Author of Mogul, Mom & Maid, has created a set of New Year's Resolutions for Working Mothers. As a working mother herself, O'Donnell has developed knowledge and experience that she endeavours to share with other mothers… read »
The Timewise Foundation's Power Part Time list celebrates fifty men and women each year who are at the top of their field yet work under five days a week, 'busting the myth that senior roles cannot work on a part time basis'. The Telegraph have showcased five of the… read »
The New York Times published a fascinating article earlier this week providing an insight into the lives of Wall-Street Mothers with stay-at-home fathers. In such a highly competitive business, where employees must be constantly focused entirely on work, the 'new… read »
A couple of well-informed individuals suggested to us on our Dutyfy survey that their lives, and the future of working parents in the UK would be drastically improved if we looked to Scandinavian countries for inspiration.  So we thought it would be interesting to… read »