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International Women’s Day 2014 is taking place next Sunday 8th March and we are looking forward to a host of inspiring discussions and events that are taking places across the globe, in celebration of women. The Guardian’s Women in Leadership hub launched a live… read »
A report in the Telegraph today stated that fathers are 'twice as likely as mums to have flexible working requests turned down', only a few days after Lucy Powell, Shadow Minister for Childcare and Children, wrote a piece asking why father are left out of the work-life… read »
Citymothers' founder Louisa Symington-Mills has written an enlightening piece for the Guardian's Women in Leadership explaining how she manages the guilt of returning to work following her maternity leave. Louisa describes how her excitement of returning to work in a… read »
The Shriver Report is a multi-platform nonprofit media initiative led by Maria Shriver that seeks to modernise America’s relationship to women. The organisation invites leading voices across the cultural spectrum to share their voice and ideas on the emergence of… read »
Liz O'Donnell, Founder of Hello Ladies and Author of Mogul, Mom & Maid, has created a set of New Year's Resolutions for Working Mothers. As a working mother herself, O'Donnell has developed knowledge and experience that she endeavours to share with other mothers… read »
The New York Times published a fascinating article earlier this week providing an insight into the lives of Wall-Street Mothers with stay-at-home fathers. In such a highly competitive business, where employees must be constantly focused entirely on work, the 'new… read »
Flexible working has been largely billed as an option to help families and careers manage their home and work commitments, and particularly as a way for parents to continue working. Especially after Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, who recently became a mother herself,… read »
Interesting post in the New York Times by KJ Dell'Antonia: Of course people cover up aspects of themselves on the job. The workplace is generally no place for a rehash of a drinking binge or to flaunt your Axl Rose tattoo (depending, of course, on the workplace). But… read »
Any contribution to the discussion about women in the workplace is a welcome addition, in my view.  Sheryl Sandberg’s book and organisation, ‘Lean In’, certainly kick-started a discussion, and, for that, I value her input.  Guardian writer, Hadley Freeman, was… read »
According to a survey by Mother and Baby magazine, 60% of mothers feel guilty about going to work.  However, the same proportion also welcome the financial and emotional independence that work gives them.  Finally, there is a conclusive reason to breathe a sigh of… read »