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Featured Workplace: Citi

Tracking Progress

September 2013



Citi is a large multinational banking group employing over 8,500 people in the UK.


Seizing an Opportunity To Put Flexible Working on the Agenda

Citi used the London 2012 Olympics as an opportunity to turn flexibility from a perk to a necessity.

Starting from June 2011, Citi implemented a strategy involving:

An online resource that allows teams to plan working patterns. Agile work (from home, early start/finish) is scheduled in a way that supports the wider team and also meets customer requirements. Managers can access these plans to see weekly and monthly work patterns and arrangements.

Investment in technology which supports remote working. 96 percent of employees can now access systems remotely.  Phone system allows seamless switch through of office numbers to home phones or mobiles.  Mobiles, laptops and Blackberries have been provided, along with video call technology to encourage face-to-face remote contact.

Training has been given to managers and employees on how to work in an agile way.

Drop-in clinics are available for employees to go over their technical setup issues, and learn about what tech is available for effective working.

Test days, enabling agile working to test for any issues.

As a result of the test days Citi were able to refine the information and deployment of their programme. Throughout the Olympics they sent out regular pulse surveys to staff to gain feedback on productivity and performance, impact and challenges. Leveraging London 2012 was a catalyst to embed flexibility at a cultural level within the organisation and provides a unique opportunity to push this agenda forward.

High Levels of Maternity Support

The bank has a variety of offerings for mothers, including:

– a policy to safeguard maternity leavers

– back-up emergency childcare

– childcare vouchers

– an on-site BUPA health centre

– a tailored Employee Assistance Programme

– support from other parents though the Citi Parents employee network.

By integrating the support of mothers with the organisational talent goals, the bank has been able to develop their maternity provisions to not only help women through the maternity journey, but also to continue and build their careers after they return from maternity leave.

Through a series of workshops women are able to connect with others in the organisation who are also either transitioning from work to maternity or returning back to work.  For women who cannot or do not wish to attend group sessions (this is usually for senior leaders or when particular circumstances are more complex) Citi offers a more high-touch intervention of 1:1 coaching.